Are you interested in reaching a wider audience with your latest publication? Would you like the ability to offer greater incentive to your advertisers? Contact your salesperson or customer service representative to find out how Ram Offset will make an interactive publication part of your next marketing campaign. 

Ram Offset has enhanced software that uses advanced PDF conversion technology to create professional publications that can be viewed on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This technology engages the reader in ways that are limited only by your imagination.

Today’s technology is wonderful, isn’t it? Your phone or tablet has become such a wonderful source of information, entertainment and a viable communication tool. Everyone seems to have a device they resource numerous times a day, so why not utilize this resource by turning your latest printing product into an engaging, interactive piece?

Graphics elements literally can dance across the page while music plays…


Draw attention to your best-selling item by a glittering starburst behind a banner…


Promote your product with a video showing someone using your merchandise.

Easily replace and update individual pages as needed to modify pricing or promote your next event.

The PDF you created for your latest print magazine, catalog, flyer or rack card can be brought to life by adding interactivity such as video, audio, and web links.

Explore the added benefits a printed copy would never be able to achieve.

Archiving, paid subscriptions, advertising banners and corporate branding are a few additional options that are available to customize as needed to accommodate your needs. Call your salesperson or CSR today for more information. Or simply fill out the form below and we will gladly connect with you!


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