Ram has a full service, in house mailing department, from catalogs to postcards, direct mail to EDDM’s. We can do it all.

In addition to “You do mailing, too?” we also receive questions regarding mailing. Below is a quick list of the top five questions we are most often asked, with answers.

  1. How much does it cost?
    1. There are two elements when it comes to determining how much a mailing will be.
      1. The first is our processing fees. This is what you pay for us to process your mailing lists; generate the paperwork for the post office, and apply the addresses and necessary postal finishing.
      2. The second is the cost of the postage itself. Each mailing list is different, with the destination and quantity determining the postage rates.
    2. How do I pay the postage fees?
      1. Once we process your mailing list, we will provide a postage statement showing the postage amount due. You will write a check, made out to the US Postmaster, and we will deposit that into our postal account when we take your pieces to the post office.
    3. What variables will alter my rates?
      1. Size and required finishing to comply with postal regulations are the two main items that can fluctuate your mailing. Ram will gladly suggest options that will not only save you money in preparation charges, but postal fees as well.
    4. How does an Indicia work?
      1. An Indicia is a convenient way to pay the postage on your mailing. By utilizing an Indicia, you do not have to run your piece through a postal meter or apply stamps. With Ram Offset as your mailing agent, you can utilize our permit number on your mailing piece.

        Ram Offset's Presorted Standard Bulk Rate Indicia
        Ram Offset’s Presorted Standard Bulk Rate Indicia
    5. How can I obtain a mailing list?
      1. We have numerous avenues we can take to obtain a mailing list, and numerous ways for you to use them on your next mailing piece. From targeted locations and incomes to self-reported hobbies and interests, we can provide a list of recipients who are interested in your services or product.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask your sales person or our customer service department. 


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