We do mailings!

As a mailing agent, Ram Offset realizes there is a lot to know when it comes to mailing with the US Postal Service. Dimensions, ratios, tab requirement and placement, entry locations, barcoding, sorting and delivery are a few of the factors that need to be analyzed prior to preparing a bulk mailing.

Our knowledgeable staff keeps up to date with the constant evolution of the USPS. You don’t need to worry about upfront investments with postal permits and barcoding software when Ram Offset mails your project for you.

Ram Offset can provide you with high-quality printing and mailing services on your next mailing project. Let our expertise in both the print and mailing industry save you money by designing, printing and mailing your next promotional piece.

Minimum Quantity – With as little as 200 pieces, you can save money in postage by sending the mailing via Marketing Mail (formerly known as Bulk Mail.) First Class stamps, as well as Presorted First Class, are available if your mailing does not qualify for Bulk Mail.

Mailing Lists – Ram can use your current in-house mailing list or we can purchase one for you with specific demographics based on your target audience. Merge them both together to connect with existing clients and obtain new ones – our software will remove any duplicate addresses, so you don’t pay for multiple pieces arriving in the same mailbox.

Change and Bad Addresses – People move all the time. Every mailing list we process is cross-referenced to the National Change of Address (NCOA) provided by the USPS to make sure the mail piece is delivered to the most up to date address.

Analytical Tracing – As the pieces travel through the USPS system, checkpoints scan the barcode and report the data which is then allowed to be viewed by applying various search criteria. Our experience shows that even though the USPS requires a barcode on every piece that mails in order for them to collect this data, the USPS does not scan every piece when it reaches its checkpoint. Often, we have seen that automated letters are scanned, and the data is reported when machinable flats are not. Ram Offset is happy to provide the statistics of your mailing to you but be aware that the USPS data reporting (or lack of) is completely out of our control.

Mailing Services VS. Postage Costs – The service fee for preparing your mailing (address verification; sorting; list processing and inkjetting) is separate from the cost of the postage. Once we have processed your list and prepared it for production, we will provide you with an approximate postage amount needed to mail your project. By issuing a check made out to the US Postmaster, your check will be deposited, by Ram, at the BMEU (Bulk Mail Entry Unit) in Medford at the time the mail is entered into the USPS mail stream.

No matter how big or small, give us a call for your next mailing project! Reach out to Ram Offset and call our office today, 541-826-3155.


Still going strong after 37 years

It was a typical fall day in Southern Oregon when Ram Offset Lithographers opened its doors for business in 1980. The company name originated from the initials of the three owners at the time: Richard H.; Alan C. and Monte C. Their passion for printing set the foundation for a business that is still going strong 37 years later!

In 1988, Peter Dale became a co-owner of Ram, partnering with one of the original owners, Alan C. The two of them continued to develop the business by expanding the building, purchasing a new state of the art 4 Color Akiyama sheetfed press, 150-foot-long heat-set web press, implementing a mailing department and installing one of the first HP Indigo presses in Southern Oregon.

In 2006 Joanne Dale, Peter’s wife bought Alans’ interest and became majority owner of Ram Offset, qualifying Ram as a woman-owned business.

Ram has had as many as 50 employees employed at one time. A lot of the staff come from a printing background – either as apprenticeships they have earned, or their parents working in the industry. The staff employed at Ram love what they do. The smell of the inks, the sounds of the paper – it’s a passion that is hard to explain so we will let the numbers tell the story. Our prepress tech, Brad B., has been at Ram Offset for 26 years while Joe Milder and Sam Tinsley have been employed at Ram for 25 and 20 years, respectively. Graphic Design and Prepress has kept Jo Anne T. loving her job for over 16 years. Paul Hart and David Damico have each been selling for 15 years, and our General Manager, Steve P. has been here for 13 years.

As it was in 1980, Ram is continually striving for quality with our emphasis on excellent customer service. We strive to educate our customers so they not only can save money on their printing but also achieve the best quality.

Many facets, such as digital and mailing services, have been added to Ram since we opened our doors 37 years ago, and we have our clients to thank for that. Your continuous support, loyalty, and confidence allow us to provide superior quality and dedicated service.

Thank you!

What is an Interactive Publication?

Are you interested in reaching a wider audience with your latest publication? Would you like the ability to offer greater incentive to your advertisers? Contact your salesperson or customer service representative to find out how Ram Offset will make an interactive publication part of your next marketing campaign. 

Ram Offset has enhanced software that uses advanced PDF conversion technology to create professional publications that can be viewed on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This technology engages the reader in ways that are limited only by your imagination.

Today’s technology is wonderful, isn’t it? Your phone or tablet has become such a wonderful source of information, entertainment and a viable communication tool. Everyone seems to have a device they resource numerous times a day, so why not utilize this resource by turning your latest printing product into an engaging, interactive piece?

Graphics elements literally can dance across the page while music plays…


Draw attention to your best-selling item by a glittering starburst behind a banner…


Promote your product with a video showing someone using your merchandise.

Easily replace and update individual pages as needed to modify pricing or promote your next event.

The PDF you created for your latest print magazine, catalog, flyer or rack card can be brought to life by adding interactivity such as video, audio, and web links.

Explore the added benefits a printed copy would never be able to achieve.

Archiving, paid subscriptions, advertising banners and corporate branding are a few additional options that are available to customize as needed to accommodate your needs. Call your salesperson or CSR today for more information. Or simply fill out the form below and we will gladly connect with you!

And yes, we do mailings, too!

Ram has a full service, in house mailing department, from catalogs to postcards, direct mail to EDDM’s. We can do it all.

In addition to “You do mailing, too?” we also receive questions regarding mailing. Below is a quick list of the top five questions we are most often asked, with answers.

  1. How much does it cost?
    1. There are two elements when it comes to determining how much a mailing will be.
      1. The first is our processing fees. This is what you pay for us to process your mailing lists; generate the paperwork for the post office, and apply the addresses and necessary postal finishing.
      2. The second is the cost of the postage itself. Each mailing list is different, with the destination and quantity determining the postage rates.
    2. How do I pay the postage fees?
      1. Once we process your mailing list, we will provide a postage statement showing the postage amount due. You will write a check, made out to the US Postmaster, and we will deposit that into our postal account when we take your pieces to the post office.
    3. What variables will alter my rates?
      1. Size and required finishing to comply with postal regulations are the two main items that can fluctuate your mailing. Ram will gladly suggest options that will not only save you money in preparation charges, but postal fees as well.
    4. How does an Indicia work?
      1. An Indicia is a convenient way to pay the postage on your mailing. By utilizing an Indicia, you do not have to run your piece through a postal meter or apply stamps. With Ram Offset as your mailing agent, you can utilize our permit number on your mailing piece.

        Ram Offset's Presorted Standard Bulk Rate Indicia
        Ram Offset’s Presorted Standard Bulk Rate Indicia
    5. How can I obtain a mailing list?
      1. We have numerous avenues we can take to obtain a mailing list, and numerous ways for you to use them on your next mailing piece. From targeted locations and incomes to self-reported hobbies and interests, we can provide a list of recipients who are interested in your services or product.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask your sales person or our customer service department. 

Top 10 Topics We Run Into With Client Supplied Files

Ram Offset appreciates each one of our clients. Every one of our clients has their own way of submitting files to us for printing.

From the DIY designer to the professional, we see all types of files provided to us, created in a variety of software.  It goes without saying that each client has their own level of design experience. Even the most professional designer will occasionally slip up and provide a file that is not 100% perfect. Read on to see our list of the TOP 10 Topics our prepress department runs into.

  1. No Bleed

an instance of printing an illustration, design, or text to the edge of the page.
“it allows printing of a tabloid page with full bleed”

In printing, bleed is when you have a little extra image extending past the trim area. When your job is trimmed on the guillotine cutter, the bleed is trimmed off, along with the crop marks, color bars and other items we use to ensure a quality piece is printed.

Minimum bleed required is .125” bleed on all four sides. Depending on the software you use to create your file, you may need to create a file that is larger than the final size to allocate for bleed.


  1. Incorrect Size

When your job is estimated for printing, it is engineered to repeat your artwork on a large sheet, until the sheet is full. The number of sheets is then calculated and ordered.

If the artwork that is provided that does not match the original specifications used to estimate the job, the entire project needs to be re-engineered. This can result in restocking fees and a delay in your job being printed.


  1. Low Resolution

With so many images on the internet that look perfect on screen, it is often tempting to utilize one in your print project. These images are reduced in quality for faster screen loading and are not suitable for printing.

Our policy is to notify you when an image is lower than 150dpi.

  1. Missing Elements

A designed piece is made up of multiple elements. When we are provided native files, we also need to have all the elements that you used to design the piece on your work station. These elements are the photos, logos, and fonts. Some software has ‘packaging’ or ‘collecting’ options which will gather all the elements for you.

  1. Fonts Not Embedded

The most common file type we receive is a pdf. Occasionally, we will receive a pdf that does not have the fonts embedded in the file. When a pdf without fonts is provided, the file will not process through our prepress software.

A simple check of your file properties while viewing the pdf will show if your fonts are embedded or not.

  1. No Files Submitted at All

At the time an estimate is approved, the gears start turning to produce your printed piece. A job ticket is made; stock and all necessary materials are ordered and machine time is scheduled. If your files are delayed in arriving, or proofs are delayed in getting approved, the entire schedule is altered.  If you are unsure as to when your files will be provided, please convey that information to your CSR.

  1. File Type Not Supported

Everyone has a computer, but not everyone has professional design software. Every software has its strengths and weaknesses, with one of the main weaknesses being that the “cheaper” software doesn’t look the same when opened on a different computer.

Ideally, a CMYK press ready pdf, with fonts embedded alleviates this problem.

  1. Black Text Not Black Text

We often receive documents with black text created with colors other than black. Text copied and pasted from Microsoft Word is RGB black and Registration Black is often selected in design software.

Verify your black text is only black text by checking your Print Production / Print Preview.


  1. RGB Color Space

Although it is not the end of the world to submit RGB files in your document, it is helpful if you can convert your images to CMYK prior to submittal. There is often a color shift when colors are converted to CMYK, and it is ideal for a client to see that happen on their workstation than on a hard copy proof or the final printed product.

  1. Page Count

Similar to “2. Incorrect Size” mentioned above, a job is engineered with a page count, utilizing the entire press sheet and performing the most productive folds.  When additional or fewer pages are provided, the layout of the press sheets needs to be recalculated. This may require the purchase of more paper; additional press and bindery time, which may accrue additional charges and delay in your estimated due date.



If you have any questions, contact your CSR or salesperson. We are always eager to help educate our clients!


New at Ram Offset

Last December, we installed a new (to us) Screen 8600 Direct-to-Plate imagesetter. This machine not only reduces our carbon footprint, but will improve our print quality, too.

But we didn’t stop there! We partnered our new image setter with a new plate processor as well as upgrading our prepress software.

Our entire team is looking forward to finding out your thoughts about our new equipment and software.